Updated December 24th, 2012
In the weeks and months to come I hope to fill this page with some interesting facts
about myself, what I do and how my business has been a blessing to me and to many others.

The most important thing in my life is my relationship with God.
After that is my relationship with my wife then my country.

As a Christian I am constantly looking for ways to help others and extend my faith and witness.
Running my business using Christian ethics has been rewarding to both myself and the clients I have.
I try to be honest in all my business dealings, giving the best quality parts and service that I can provide and helping
my customers find the parts they need.

  There are opportunities everywhere to server God.

APHERESIS. On January 20, 1992 I started donating platelets at the American Red Cross. Platelets
are the part of your blood which promotes clotting. Many patients who undergo  chemotherapy,
radiation treatments, have leukemia  or  are hemophiliacs  need platelet transfusions.  Donating  platelets
 is different  from whole blood in that it takes a little longer (1-2 hours) and a machine is used to process the blood.
As the blood passes thru the machine some platelets are gleaned . the remainder of the blood is returned to the body.
Because so little blood is lost you can donate more often. Up to twenty four times a year and as often as once a week . I donate every other Friday so if you can't get me on the phone between 8 and
10 AM I'm donating.  It adds up.  To date I have close to 450 donations. All these patients are critical care.
Two hours of your time can save someones life.   Please contact your nearest American Red Cross for more information
on their Apheresis program.

WALK TO EMMAUS    The Walk to Emmaus is a three day spiritual journey . The weekends are held at hundreds of locations across the US and the world. It is sponsored by the Methodist church but there are a number of weekends using the same format  by other denominations. I've been involved in this ministry since 95 . If you have an opportunity to attend  a weekend don't pass it up.

KAIROS.    For the past few years I've been involved in a prison ministry called Kairos (God's special time)(It's the prison version of The Walk to Emmaus). While the commitment is substantial The results are fantastic. I've come to look at prisons and inmates in a whole new light. The Ministry looks to Maximum security facilities. A three day weekend will minister to 24 residents. At the Maine State Prison more than 330 residents have attended the weekends.  I can say that I have seen some very moving transformations there. For more info go to  http://www.kairosprisonministry.org/.
This month we were suppose to attend a weekend at the Maine State Prison. At the last minute it was canceled due to budgetary cuts. Guards would have to work overtime shifts to oversee the weekend and there just isn't money for it. At present we have no idea when it will resume.

    The Gift
    Volunteers needed

Update;  Recently someone asked me if Stopped going on mission trips since my last entry was for 2005. Actually I go on
at least two or three a year still. I've just been too busy to update my page. I will try harder.

MISSIONS. In 1988 I along with a small group went to the island of Dominica (dom-i-nee-ka) in the
West Indies.We worked on building a kitchen at a local high school where students would
be taught cooking and food preparation. The team was taken in by families, many of whom
gave up their beds so we would have a place to sleep. That first trip was one of those
defining moments in my life.
A few years ago I decided to devote more of my time to missions which is my second
greatest joy. Shortly after doing so I found that where I went on a mission trip God provided
work for me in the way of  PW customers. It never fails that when I have a mission trip to
go on, someone in that area needs something delivered, or they order a part which helps
cover the cost of the trip.
Some time back  I worked on a mission trip to Millens Ga.. Before the trip I mentioned to
Scott Youngblood (Loganville Ga.) that I would be in the area. The morning
of the first day of work Scott showed up unannounced, with tools (a 2 1/2 hr. drive).
Everyone asked who he was. I replied by stating he was one of my Power Wagon friends.
In truth he is one of my close Christian friends.

In 2000  I managed to go on four trips. Two to John's Island, South Carolina,
to Winthrop Maine, and to Puerto Rico.

Since 2005 I've been dividing my mission trip time between John's Island South Carolina and Down East Maine.
Two areas of extreme poverty. In South Carolina we work replacing windows , doors,  bathrooms, roof repairs
and handicap accessibility issues.
In Maine we do a lot of roofs. Many people live in trailers so we replace the skirting that keeps the cold out from underneath the trailers in the winter.
  Handicap ramps makes up a good portion of our work.
this work is done thru my affiliation with The Methodist Church, Neighbors Helping Neighbors and Rural Missions

People ask why we do this. Sometime we seem to accomplish so little. Or we think we do.
Some have great skills while others can hardly walk but each is needed. I once asked a group this question.
Who is more important, the pilot of the space shuttle, or the mechanic who tightened up the oil pan drain plug
on the shuttle ? (it's gotta have one somewhere). Each has their place.
I  haven't put pics on the page lately. Not because I haven't been on trips, just haven't bothered to take pictures. I will get some.

Mission opportunities are everywhere. We're always looking for new places to go.
If you would be interested in joining us on a team when we are in your area, even for a day, contact me and I will try to set it up.

Yours in Christ,